I served with a HVAC/Plumbing company back in 1988. I mostly work on ductwork and plumbing back in those days. After about a year I started a plumbing company serving the Huntsville area. After about 2 years I received an offer with a large local church to serve as a maintenance supervisor. Then in 1995 I attended NARS Training Systems taking all 4 HVAC training classes (Tech I, II, III and IV). After completing my studies I joined Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES). I became the local chapter president in 2000 and received the "Rising Star" Award that same year. Then I spent the next 12 years servicing the church's 60+ HVAC systems. After 15 years of service with them I was offered a Chief Engineer position with Embassy Suite in May of 2007. Then after almost 2 years of serving there and seeing the economy having a down turn, I struck out on my own.

I'm the sole proprietor of Sub-Systems Services. I've lived right here in Huntsville, Alabama most of my life. Except for a 2 year period I lived overseas serving as a missionary. I believe in service with honesty and integrity. I also believe in receiving a fair wage for competent work. I'm committed to service that you can trust. And with the years I served at Embassy Suites I have learned what customer service really means and how to deliver it!!

James L. Parham Jr



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