Q) How do I know if my HVAC unit needs service?
A) If its been more than a year, most likely it needs some type of cleaning service, also if you see grass clippings, dirt or debris on your outside coils then call for service now.
Q) What are the signs of low Refrigerant in my AC unit?
A) The two most common signs are: Ice forming on pipes, coils and compressor as well as little or no cooling.

Q) What is the meaning of S.E.E.R. Rating?
A) Seasonal Energy Efficiently Ratio or How well does this equipment utilize the energy it consumes. Higher the number the more efficient it is.

Q) Why do some areas in my home get too Hot/Cold while other area are just right?
A) There can many causes for this type of problem. Here are just a few: inefficient air flow to that area, Poor insulation, North/South facing area causing over/under heating/cooling, Damper/vents closed or set improperly, smashed or broken duct work, improperly sized duct system.
Q) What is a Heat Exchanger?
A) A Heat Exchanger is a device or chamber used to remove heat from one medium like a liquid, a flame or air to another medium. A common heat exchanger is a 2 chamber metal box used to transfer heat from natural/pro17-Aug-2013>

Q) How can I tell if my heat exchanger needs replacing?
A) A way is to visually inspect the heat exchanger for cracks, holes or excessive rust. Sometimes it can be very difficult to access it to inspect. Another way is to have a Carbon Monoxide(CO) detector to monitor the space for the gas. If the gas is present then the cause could be your heat exchanger. However there can be many other causes of CO other than a bad heat exchanger. Any dwelling with gas appliances should have a CO detector installed and operational at all times. If CO is detected, exit the dwelling immediately and call a professional to correct the problem.

Q) How do I determine if my HVAC unit needs to be replaced?
A) There are a few criteria to use in making the determination. Is the system is older than 10 to 12 years? Is there a major component bad and needs replaced, like compressor or coils? Is the system giving lots of problems? Is the system inefficient and causing high energy bills? Any one of these could be a good reason to replace.
Q) What's the difference between a Package and a Split HVAC System?
A) A package has all components located in one spot or in a Package. A Split system has one part outside (Compressor & Fan) and another part located inside (Air handler, Coils and/or Heat exchanger) usually under the house, in the attic or in a small closet.

Q) What is the difference between a Gas Pack, Heat Pump and dual fuel?
A)Gas Pack is a gas operated Package unit, a Heat pump is a system that reverses the flow of refrigerant to pump the heat inside or outside, Dual Fuel is a combination of both.
Q) What are some common AC Failure causes?
A) Dirty or damaged coils, Dirty Filter, Capacitor failure, Low refrigerant, Motor failure, Compressor failure, Electronic parts failure.

Q) My electricity use on my utility bill is very high this month what could be the cause?

A) There can be several causes. A/C or Heat pump running long periods (possibly needs serviced). Water Heater relief valve open (service needed). Excessive appliance use (i.e. stove, drier or hot water usage).



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